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Assess and Get Executive Support

Pivoting Toward Success as a Leader

with Marshall Goldsmith

How Biohaven Scales Leadership With AI Powered Coaching

with Kevin Kruse

Assessing Needs and Getting Executive Support

with Molly Nagler

Leading Through Change

with Lorraine Stomski

Assessing and Creating Your Talent Strategy for the Virtual World

with Marc Effron

Assessing Strategy and Getting Executive Support

with JP Elliott

Create Great Engagement and Culture

Building a Culture of Engagement and Belonging

with Garry Ridge

Building a Culture of Empathy

with Claude Silver

Building Strong Cultures While Navigating Change

with Greg Brenner

Culture Hacking in the Modern Workplace

with Jennifer Paylor

Engaging and Developing Gen Y+Z

with Clair Kim

Engaging Millennial Employees

with Chris Tuff

Creating a Magic Culture

with Dan Cockerell

Enabling Employees to Own Careers & Development

Leading the Multigenerational Workplace in the Virtual World

with Lindsey Pollak

How Successful Career Development is like Eating an Elephant

with Julie Winkle Giulioni

Preparing and Enabling Talent for the Future of Work

with Kelley Steven-Waiss

Career Development in the Virtual World

with Christine DiDonato

Own Your Career

with Andy Storch

Design and Deliver Effective Development Programs

Learning in the Flow of Transformation

with Adri Maisonet

Investigating the Impact of Learning & Development in a Virtual World

with Kevin Yates

Training and Development Tips for the Virtual World

with Jordan Mendoza

Virtual Facilitation Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

with Leanne Hughes

Leveraging Virtual Reality for Immersive Learning

with Matt Burns

Coaching to Emotional Intelligence in a Virtual World

with Tim Hagen

How NetApp is Leveraging the Golden Age of HR Technology

with Larry McAlister

Running Impactful and Engaging Virtual Development Programs

with Helen Packham

Weave Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Throughout

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace

with Regina Lawless & Suwah Tobah

Why Every Company Needs DEI in a Remote World

with Kay Fabella

A Winning and Sustainable Approach to DEI

with Jennifer Brown

Supporting and Promoting Women in LeadHERship

with Anju Choudhary

Psychological Safety in the Virtual World

with Amy Edmondson

Improving Wellness and DEI in the Workplace

with Vivian Acquah

Building Inclusive Cultures

with Madison Butler

Live sessions

Roundtable on Excutive Support

with Molly Nagler & JP Elliott


with Marshall Goldsmith

Roundtable on Culture

with Dan Cockerell and Greg Brenner


with Clair Kim

Roundtable on Career Development

with Julie Winkle Guilioni and Christine DiDonato


with Chris Tuff

Roundtable on Virtual Facilitation

with Jordan Mendoza and Leanne Hughes

Roundtable on HR Tech

with Matt Burns and Larry McAlister


with Kevin Yates

Roundtable on DEI

with Jennifer Brown, Anju, Kay, and Vivian

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