Breaking down the 2023 Burning Glass Skills Compass Report with Matt Sigelman and Trena Minudri

You could take those requests coming into you from the business, look at all the skill needs and the skill gaps in your organization, and actually categorize things into these different buckets.

In Matt Sigelman's journey of two decades building Litecast, he witnessed the increasing importance of granular, real-time labor market data. As the landscape of skills transformed, Matt wanted to focus directly on understanding these shifts. This led him to launch the Burning Glass Institute, an independent research center. In collaboration with Trena Minudri and the Coursera team, they developed the 2023 Burning Glass Skills Compass Report.

Matt and Trena aimed to create a comprehensive framework for individuals and learning leaders to evaluate skills based on their value, endurance, and the time it takes to learn them. Surprised by the absence of skills that met all three criteria, they realized the importance of making informed choices and trade-offs.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Harness the power of data to pinpoint vital future workforce talents.
  • Uncover the hidden potential of adaptive skills amidst ever-changing technologies.
  • Master the art of continuous learning to hone efficient learning abilities.
  • Embrace a growth mindset for seamless internal mobility and upskilling.
  • Take charge of your career by emphasizing personal skill development.


Trena Minudri
Trena Minudri
Matt Sigelman
Matt Sigelman

Listen to the podcast episode here:

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