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The Talent Development Think Tank Community is where talent development professionals come together to share best practices, discover the latest trends, hear from experts and solve challenges so that they can perform better in their jobs and help their companies develop their people more effectively. If you are looking for new ways to engage and develop your people and accelerate your career success, this is the place for you. We have two levels to accommodate the different phases of where you are in your talent development career and journey

I learned a lot from others in the community and at the same time it’s comforting to know that we share similar challenges. The group of people you have put together in the Think Tank is a powerhouse; I’m grateful and excited to be part of it!


Nora Morris

Training & Development Specialist

Why Join?

This is the place for you if you are looking to...

Hear about the latest trends in talent development so that you can stay up to date and on top of things in your job

Develop and deliver innovative and effective solutions in an ever-changing environment

Develop your people to evolve, improve, and be ready for the future of work

Increase leadership in your own career and your organization so that you and your company can accelerate your success

Network with other talent development professionals and build new relationships that can help with your job, career and future success.

Develop your skills and those of your employees so that you can improve productivity, engagement and retention for your organization

Find solutions to your challenges and learn from others’ experiences and expertise

Spend time with other caring, ambitious professionals and stop trying to do things on your own

This has been the best networking community I have ever joined. The members are authentic, engaging, and intelligent. This group is stretching my thinking about the talent development function within an organization and pushing me to keep growing in my leadership capacity.  This community has provided high level, highly intelligent conversations within a group of people who genuinely care about their growth and the growth of others. I love it!


Jess Almlie

Vice President of Learning Experience

As humans, we are not meant to do things on our own. We need community.

This is especially true in Talent Development. It’s not productive or healthy to try to do things all on your own. But most memberships out there do not provide the real, authentic, trusting relationships that we all crave. The Talent Development Think Tank Community is here to put an end to that noise! Much like our conference, this community is built on trust, authenticity and the need for us to work with and support each other.

The  TDTT community is a place to connect, grow, learn from colleagues and experts and solve real challenges so that you can achieve more success in your career and feel more fulfillment along the way.

The TDTT Community provides an opportunity for you to:

Connect with other talent development professionals to ask questions, engage in conversations about challenges, share ideas, and learn the latest trends so you are always at the forefront of new solutions and best practices to save you the time and stress of figuring it out on your own.

Get insider information from bestselling authors, Chief Learning Officers, Chief People Officers and experts from different areas around DEI and Talent Development who are making waves in large companies so that you can strengthen your current strategies.

Reduce the time it takes to solve challenges and gain innovative ideas to overcome the issues that slow you down the most so that you can develop stronger leaders and increase sales.

Achieve organizational goals and formulate a plan and actionable steps to take your company to the next level so that you can prepare for the upcoming workplace changes including 'return to office' plans.

Grow your career through networking and personal and professional development resources to enhance your leadership skills so that you are leading by example for your team and feeling fulfilled in your life.

Improve your diversity, inclusion, and belonging at your workplace to build a connected, resilient, and driven culture so that you can reduce turnover and effectively develop your talent to their highest potential.

This community has been extremely valuable to me - allowing me to build my network in a time when traditional networking activities are not possible. It has been a sounding board for ideas, a way to get input and suggestions, and learn about trends in talent development.


Julianne miles

Talent Development manager

What do I get?

Your Talent Development Road Map

The Talent Development Roadmap is your path through the six most important stages of talent development. This roadmap was developed after surveying our network and interviewing 32 experts through the Talent Development Virtual Summit in 2020.

The talent development world is evolving, and we need to evolve with it. This roadmap is your guide to working with your team to develop the best talent development plan possible.

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Trainings and Courses

Inside our member vault, we have recordings from dozens of interviews and community calls. We also provide trainings and courses on topics such as:

  • Pivoting together in talent development
  • Building inclusive cultures
  • How to Own Your Career
  • Getting the most out of LinkedIn
  • Building great cultures in the virtul world
  • And so much more
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Live, Weekly Q&A's and Expert Workshops

Inside the Talent Development Think Tank, we host live calls each week. We bring in the best guest speakers to teach on topics such as:

  • Culture
  • Measuring the impact of learning
  • Reinforcing learning
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Talent mobility
  • Virtual facilitation
  • Career development
  • Emotional intelligence
  • And more!
Molly Nagler, CLO of PepsiCo

Community Forums

We have a private Slack channel and LinkedIn group for you to ask questions, connect with other members and share resources. We even have a job board to share jobs and tell people what you’re looking for.

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Members-Only Podcast

We now offer a members-only podcast to share exclusive content with our members, including bonus Q&A from our podcast and audio recordings from our community calls with guest expert speakers. This allows members to catch up on all of our content while they are on the go.

Talent development think tank community

"TTDT has been vital in making connections outside my organization with others in the L&D field. The conversations are genuine and informative. The open networking and topic-specific sessions are great jump-starters for deeper conversations 1:1 with professionals I've met through the group. It's great that we can access meeting recordings - and Andy and team always have a fabulous line-up of speakers. This community is well-worth the time and money!"


Megan Gage

Senior Manager, Global Talent Development

Experienced Professional Member

$1000 per year or $100/month
  • Weekly calls with guest speakers
  • Open forum calls to discuss strategic topics
  • Private Slack channel for experienced L&D professionals
  • Option to attend and even lead Foundation calls
  • Recordings of all speaker calls in the vault
  • Full access to bonus resources library and past calls
  • 6-part talent development road map
  • Access to exclusive members-only podcast
  • Great networking and connections
  • Exclusive and early access to events

Early Career L&D Professional Foundation Member

$450 per year or $50/month
  • Monthly workshops on tactical topics such as facilitation, training, project management, career resources, etc.
  • Monthly networking with other members
  • Private Slack channel with other members
  • Recordings of all speaker calls
  • Full access to bonus resources library and past calls
  • 6-part talent development road map
  • Access to our exclusive members-only podcast
  • Great networking and connections
  • Exclusive and early access to events
"You will find that the Think Tank is the best investment you will make in your L&D career. I’m just a few months in and have already learned so much from this network. Everyone is so supportive, intelligent, and like-minded."

Jen Collins

Vice President, Learning & Development


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When you join The Talent Development Think Tank Community, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re extremely confident that you’ll find being part of the community will up-level you and your career in more ways than one. But, if for whatever reason you feel like you have not received value and decide to cancel within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a full refund. Guaranteed.

About the Founder and Host

Andy Storch

Andy Storch

Andy Storch is an author, consultant, coach, speaker and facilitator specializing in helping clients turn strategy into action and people doing the best work of their lives.

His purpose is to love and support his family and to impact the world by inspiring people to stop drifting, take control and live life with intention.

He is also the host of two podcasts, including The Talent Development Hot Seat and Andy Storch Show, and the co-founder and host of The Talent Development Think Tank Conference and Community.

Andy is also the author of the best-selling book, Own Your Career Own Your Life.

He has taught strategy, sales, leadership, finance, and innovation to business leaders all over the world including companies like, Oracle, Google, Box, Toyota,, State Farm, Red Bull, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, HP, Sony, Bechtel, Cisco, Tiffany & Co and others.

Most importantly, Andy is a husband, father and friend who is on a mission to get the absolute most out of life and inspire others to do the same.

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