YES! We want to help you get the thumbs up to join the Think Tank!

Justify your trip

We want to help you get the thumbs up to join the Think Tank!

We’re so excited for what we believe will be the best talent/learning conference in the world! But achieving that ambitious goal is simply not possible without you. We get that management sometimes says that they don’t understand the importance of attending “yet another conference” or traveling out of state when you have so many other projects on your plate.

We’re here to help explain why this conference will provide you with a tangible ROI, so we put together some details to help you receive approval from your manager (or justify the cost to yourself if you own the budget).

Here are some of the things that make theTalent Development Think Tank different, and why it will create meaningful value for you and your organization:

  • We will harness the collective wisdom of your peers who are facing many of the same challenges you are – we named it the Think Tank for good reason. Most conferences our industry think of you as an “attendee” or “audience member”. There’s lots of good information being shared (from the stage), but it’s all heading in one direction. In contrast, we have painstakingly designed the Think Tank to be a playground of idea sharing and peer-to-peer innovation in addition to having great keynoters.
  • Keynote speakers in our larger sessions are some of the most highly regarded thought leaders in our space, and we promise that their talks will provide you with pragmatic actions you can take immediately to have an impact on your organization and your career.
  • Held in Northern California wine country, the venue is a fantastic place for clearing your head, networking with peers, and de-stressing (did we mention the free yoga classes each morning?) making headspace for new innovations and solutions to your biggest problems.
  • Discounted room rates negotiated with the beautiful Hyatt Sonoma Wine Country hotel.
  • We all know that networking is one of the big benefits we get from attending conferences. Unfortunately, these connections often fade shortly afterward. The Talent Development Think Tank is a dynamic community designed to help you stay connected and become a part of something meaningful. We accomplish this through our ongoing podcast, The Talent Development Hot Seat, and regular live-facilitated Mastermind calls in the Think Tank Community.

We’ve prepared a Word document to help you justify your trip. Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set! Download our Justify Your Trip letter.

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