Building a People-First, High-Performance Culture with Travis Dommert from One Digital

The greatest leaders want more FOR their people than FROM them.

Calling all leaders and managers!

Are you looking to take your leadership skills to the next level and build a people-first high-performance culture? Look no further.

In this blog, you will discover the secrets to developing exceptional leaders who prioritize their people and drive exceptional results. Our guest, Travis Dommert, President and CEO of the Travis Thomas Experience, understands the significant impact that leadership has on employee burnout and mental health. He emphasizes the need for leaders to be for their people, wanting more for them than from them.

By balancing a people-first approach with high performance and accountability, you can create a positive and engaged workforce that contributes to organizational success. Get ready to unlock the potential of your team and create a culture that promotes growth, engagement, and well-being. Here's how:


Connecting Individual Purpose to the Organization's Purpose

When team members grasp how their personal drive aligns with the broader organizational goals, it revs up their engagement, motivation, and ultimately their success. It paints a clear picture of where they fit into the big story and how their contribution makes a difference. This alignment boosts team cohesion, ensures collective productivity and propels an organization's growth. Leaders are pivotal in facilitating this connection, encouraging openness and understanding the various individual purposes within their team, all while tying them back to the organizational purpose.


Leadership's Impact on Work and Life

There's no denying that the role of a leader significantly impacts an employee's work experience and, by extension, their mental well-being. Leadership is not just about driving performance, it's about striking the right balance - fostering a supportive environment, lending an ear, encouraging growth, and maintaining accountability. This equilibrium leads to a positive work culture, where team members feel valued, motivated, supported, and ultimately perform at their best. Leaders should offer constructive criticism but also acknowledge and appreciate achievements, while empowering their team along their professional journey.


Creating Psychological Safety and Trust

Creating an environment of psychological safety fuels transparency, drives innovation, and fosters mutual respect. Leaders can cultivate such an environment by promoting open communication, showing vulnerability, and expressing their trust in their team. By doing so, they pave the way for more profound conversations, encouraging team members to voice their ideas and concerns without fear of repercussion.


Balancing People and Performance

While establishing a culture of high performance is critical, leaders should remember not to lose sight of the human aspect. The secret sauce is blending a people-first approach with performance criteria. Without a doubt, tracking performance metrics is compelling in evaluating success, but it's equally essential to ensure teams feel heard, understood, appreciated, and not just cogs in the wheel. Leaders must strike a balance between driving metrics and acknowledging that at the end of those metrics are real people contributing their best.

The Importance of Support and Challenge in Leadership Development

Part of a leader's role is to guide and mentor their team, nudging them towards growth and success. To do so, they need to offer both professional challenges and personal support. Challenges stimulate individuals to step out of their comfort zones, learn new skills, and ultimately carve their path to success. Simultaneously, personal support reiterates leadership's belief in their capabilities and provides a safety net, fostering the team's courage to take on these challenges.

Deep-seated passion for uplifting workplace culture is what sets Travis Dommert apart. Leaving a lasting legacy in leadership development for over two decades, Travis is currently championing his role as Senior Vice President of Talent at One Digital. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, he ignites growth by attracting and nurturing talent. From his early days in consulting to stepping into the talent industry in 2003, Travis's commitment to people-first workplace culture has been unshakeable. He has made great strides in understanding what makes top-performing teams tick, translating his insights into actionable strategies. As a nod to his expertise, he shares his wisdom through speaking engagements on inspiring topics like employee engagement and talent selection.


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